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Skyport Services

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Providing Parts, Kits, STCs, Service, and complete

  restoration for Ercoupe, Forney, Alon, and Mooney M-10 aircraft


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1320 lb.
for your
415-C or 415-CD

see below


shoes ostrich cole haan shoes 1707 Run Way
Middletown, OH 45042
 Airport KMWO

for tech support
513 217-6555

to place orders

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 2010-2011 Skyport Catalog


For faster service, search for your part number utilizing our online

415 Parts Manual


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1320 lb. gross weight
approved for 415-C and 415-CD
via STC
now available from
Skyport Services

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Gross weight is increased to 1320 lbs. Model designation and LSA eligibility are unchanged.

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         Landing gear must be modified according to Note 3 paragraph (f) of the TCDS Aircraft Specification A-718.

         Straight elevators must incorporate the 1 3/8" trim tab and Model "D" travel limits.

         Previously approved split elevator installations are acceptable.

         Cost is $205 including Priority Post shipping.

Eligible to be flown by
Sport Pilots
(and others)
at 1320 lb.!


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* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

ostrich cole haan shoesostrich cole haan shoes After years of waiting Skyport Services

now brings you new control yoke hub covers!

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Control Yoke Center Cover Kit is original Oxblood Maroon and includes two yoke covers,

all hardware, and new ERCOUPE emblems (enough to do one complete airplane)

Order SMK-120A


Covers are also available in red or black

Rebuild kits are also available



* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *



Helpful Maintenance Information

McCauley Service Bulletin No. 13
(removal of rpm restrictions on McCauley 1A90 Met-L-Props)

SMK60 photos before
SMK60 print document (vertical)
SMK60 print document (horizontal)

Download Change 1 to AC43.13-1B

Landing gear spacers to return on-the-ground attitude to factory design
This is important, in particular, to crosswind landing and takeoff safety. 
    The file is 387kb so give it a few moments to download
    The file is in PDF format.  You need Adobe Reader to view and print it. 



You may get Adobe reader here: