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Skyport Services


kathy johnsonnumerologistcalifornia
kathy johnsonnumerologistcalifornia

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Providing Parts, Kits, STCs, Service, and complete


  restoration for Ercoupe, Forney, Alon, and Mooney M-10 aircraft


1320 lb.
for your
415-C or 415-CD

see below


1707 Run Way
Middletown, OH 45042
 Airport KMWO

for tech support
513 217-6555

to place orders



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 2010-2011 Skyport Catalog


For faster service, search for your part number utilizing our online

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1320 lb. gross weight
approved for 415-C and 415-CD
via STC
now available from
Skyport Services

         Gross weight is increased to 1320 lbs. Model designation and LSA eligibility are unchanged.

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switch multifunction dodge caliber 2007 parts          Landing gear must be modified according to Note 3 paragraph (f) of the TCDS Aircraft Specification A-718.

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         Straight elevators must incorporate the 1 3/8" trim tab and Model "D" travel limits.

         Previously approved split elevator installations are acceptable.



johnsonnjohnsonnkathy johnsonnumerologistcalifornia         
Cost is $205 including Priority Post shipping.

Eligible to be flown by
Sport Pilots
(and others)
at 1320 lb.!


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johnsonnjohnsonn After years of waiting Skyport Services

johnsonnjohnsonnkathy johnsonnumerologistcalifornia now brings you new control yoke hub covers!

kathy johnsonnumerologistcalifornia


Control Yoke Center Cover Kit is original Oxblood Maroon and includes two yoke covers,

all hardware, and new ERCOUPE emblems (enough to do one complete airplane)

kathy johnsonnumerologistcaliforniajohnsonn
johnsonn Order SMK-120A


Covers are also available in red or black

Rebuild kits are also available



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Helpful Maintenance Information

McCauley Service Bulletin No. 13
(removal of rpm restrictions on McCauley 1A90 Met-L-Props)

SMK60 photos before
SMK60 print document (vertical)
SMK60 print document (horizontal)

Download Change 1 to AC43.13-1B

Landing gear spacers to return on-the-ground attitude to factory design

kathy johnsonnumerologistcalifornia
is important, in particular, to crosswind landing and takeoff safety. 
    The file is 387kb so give it a few moments to download
    The file is in PDF format.  You need Adobe Reader to view and print it. 



You may get Adobe reader here: